The Birth and Catastrophic Injury Litigation Practice Group consists of a core group of attorneys with experience handling high exposure cases in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states. We understand the complex and sensitive nature of these types of cases, and possess the knowledge and resources necessary to achieve results for our clients.  

    The group operates primarily in three areas of litigation: birth injury, non-birth medical malpractice catastrophic injury, and non-medical malpractice catastrophic injury.

    Birth Injury Litigation
    In this context, we defend directly, assist as a consultant, or serve as a resource or as co-counsel for pre-trial and trial matters. We help develop standard of care, causation and damage defenses, assist in selecting reputable, qualified experts, and preparing to defend against plaintiff experts.

    Non-Birth Medical Malpractice Catastrophic Injury Litigation
    We serve in the same capacities as in birth injury litigation, with an additional focus on damage defenses in cases involving large claims for future medical expenses.

    Non-Medical Malpractice Catastrophic Injury Litigation
    Future care costs are high, and scientific or medical issues, causation and damages predominate, or are substantial. We collaborate with other attorneys within our firm who are knowledgeable about the underlying liability issues. Our experience includes helping to defend several claims where a MVA involving a pregnant woman is blamed for a premature baby with complications.

    We also offer limited services in selected cases, including the selection, retention and cultivation of experts, jury research, and focus group services, often serving as plaintiff's counsel in mock trials and mock depositions to test the readiness of a defendant or nurse-witness.

    Our attorneys keep abreast of the latest trial tactics and trends in medicine. They are often called upon to speak at events hosted by clients and various industry groups. We have access to the country's top experts on:

    • Obstetrics and maternal fetal medicine;
    • Pediatrics, including neonatology, neurology, infectious diseases, genetics, neuroradiology and placental pathology;
    • Life expectancy;
    • Economic loss, including the Affordable Care Act and other damage mitigation techniques;
    • Biostatistics and epidemiology; and
    • Many other scientific and medical subspecialties.

    Joan Orsini Ford, Co-chair
    Kathleen M. Kramer, Co-chair