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Defense Verdict for Moving Truck Rental Company

We secured a jury defense verdict in a general liability lawsuit brought against our client, a Pennsylvania moving equipment rental company. The plaintiffs were in their car at a McDonald's drive-thru in Delaware when their vehicle was struck by an unattached trailer that had blown from an adjacent parking lot during a storm. The trailer was blown from the parking lot of the adjacent gas station which rented trailers to the public as part of a dealership agreement with a Delaware moving equipment rental company that had the same parent corporation as the client.

Settlement Agreements Upheld in Florida Workers’ Compensation Cases

We successfully argued that a settlement agreement, based upon a binding and enforceable agreement reached via email between the parties, is enforced. The claimant had given her attorney authority to settle, but subsequently changed her mind. Based upon case law, there was unequivocal authority to settle and it was too late for the claimant to negate the agreement previously reached. The judge of compensation claims agreed and upheld the settlement.

Failure to provide requisite statutorily required medical assignment-of-benefits form results in dismissal of New York no-fault arbitration matter.

We successfully defended and submitted post-hearing arguments and secured dismissal of a New York no-fault arbitration matter. The applicant, a major medical provider, filed an arbitration matter in the amount of $361,601.62, claiming our client owed it for the claimant’s unpaid medical bills following a major motor vehicle accident. The claimant had been involved in the motor vehicle accident and sought payment for medical treatment for a series of treatments rendered while hospitalized, post-accident.

The defense successfully proves flaw in claimant’s expert testimony

We successfully defended a Claim Petition on behalf of a national trucking company where the claimant alleged a disabling aggravation of a pre-existing cervical condition from a fall at work. Our thorough review of the medical records and the presentation of the evidence convinced the judge that the claimant did not meet his burden of proof on causation.

Defense Verdict Obtained in Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Case

We secured a defense verdict on behalf of an extended care facility in a medical malpractice case. The plaintiff alleged negligence regarding the development and progression of certain wounds that the plaintiff’s decedent developed throughout her treatment at various medical facilities. The evidence presented to the jury support the argument that the decedent’s wounds occurred prior to her arrival at the insured’s facility and that, while at the facility, the wounds were properly treated. The jury returned a verdict in approximately 30 minutes.

Defense Verdict Secured in York County Magistrate Court Case

We obtained a defense verdict in a case involving medical and property damages. While riding a bicycle through a shopping center parking lot, the plaintiff collided with our client, who was driving a vehicle, at an intersection that did not have stop signs. The plaintiff alleged that our client was responsible for his medical damages, as well as property damage to his bike and clothing.

Obtained Positive Outcome in a Construction Site-Related Personal Injury Case

We secured a positive outcome for our client in a construction site-related personal injury case in New Jersey. After a month of trial, we successfully placed the entirety of the plaintiff’s $4.2 million jury verdict against the remaining co-defendant. We also succeeded in placing all of our client’s costs and attorney’s fees on the co-defendant. In total, the judgment against the co-defendant was in excess of $7 million.

Establishing Failure to Well-Plead Secures a Win for the Defense

In our successful appeal to the Commonwealth Court, the workers’ compensation judge had awarded a closed period of benefits and then terminated all benefits, despite the employer’s late answer. The judge found that the description of injury was not well-pled and, therefore, not deemed admitted. The Appeal Board reversed the judge on the full termination of benefits, saying that, since our IME physician did not acknowledge a work-related psychiatric injury, his testimony was in conflict with the admitted injury due to the late answer.

Defense Verdict Obtained in Highly-Contested Property Rights Case

We received a complete defense verdict in favor of our client in an equity action involving property rights in the client’s public safety building. The plaintiff, a volunteer fire company, moved its operation into a public safety building space constructed for it by the Borough, our client. Instead of accepting a lease that provided it with occupancy for 100 years, the fire company was made a tenant at will. The fire company was a tenant for 10 years, during which it brought a for-profit ambulance service into its space without the Borough’s consent.