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Marshall Dennehey attorneys successfully litigate complex asbestos case – non-suit obtained.

Kevin Hexstall and Mohamed Bakry (Philadelphia) successfully litigated a complex asbestos case, obtaining a non-suit on behalf of their client, a manufacturer of asbestos-containing building materials. The case involved a deceased 71-year-old mesothelioma plaintiff. There was an initial seven-figure dollar demand from plaintiff’s counsel. The lawsuit alleged the plaintiff was exposed to asbestos when employed as a construction product salesman from 1967 to 1972.

Workers’ compensation claim and penalty petitions dismissed.

We successfully handled a matter where the claimant had filed a claim petition alleging disabling injuries to her low back, mid back, upper back, buttocks, neck, and head as a result of a slip and fall in the employer’s restroom. The claimant reported the alleged event to the employer, who immediately advised that it would provide sedentary work to accommodate the claimant. The claimant refused, went out of work, and filed her petition.

Successful prosecution of termination petition.

We successfully prosecuted a termination petition on behalf of a national water company. ​After securing all prior medical records, the defense  uncovered a past medical history of similar complaints and treatment, and a later fall that was not disclosed by the claimant. After questioning, the claimant admitted to the nature and extent of his prior treatment, including office visits, prescription medication and MRIs, which supported our contention that his prior complaints were virtually identical.

Post-concussion syndrome workers’ compensation claim dismissed.

We successfully defended a machine shop in the litigation of a claim petition involving post-concussion syndrome. The claimant was struck in the head with a wrench while repairing a machine for the employer. The carrier accepted a head laceration by way of medical only notice of compensation payable. The claimant was treated for a laceration to the side of his head and released to return to work.

Successful defense of workers’ compensation claim before claimant-friendly judge.

We successfully defended a claim petition before one of the most claimant-friendly judges in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The claimant was working as a landscaper for the insured when he suffered injuries from a fall at work. A claim petition was filed for significant injuries to the lumbar spine, cervical spine, thoracic spine, left knee and right ankle, which, according to expert testimony from a neurosurgeon and podiatrist, required surgery.

Successful defense of workers’ compensation case before the Delaware Supreme Court.

In its order, the Supreme Court affirmed a decision of the Superior Court that had affirmed a Board decision regarding the compensability of travel expenses for trips to and from medical appointments. The claimant had petitioned for parking and toll expenses incurred during her trips to visit a doctor at University of Pennsylvania from her residence in Dover, Delaware.

Successful defense of Florida medical malpractice action in the trial court and on appeal.

We prevailed on an appeal to the 5th District Court of Appeal in a medical malpractice action filed against a hospital and three of its trauma/critical care physicians. ​It was alleged that the patient was over-medicated with narcotics during her 64-day hospital stay, resulting in acute respiratory failure and other complications, which caused her death. The plaintiff’s sole expert on liability and causation was a retired internal medicine physician.

Successful defense of financial planning/investment firm.

We were successful on a motion to dismiss an action against a financial planning and investment firm and its employee, a certified financial planner, filed in Federal District Court in Maryland. The plaintiffs claimed that the financial planner advised them to purchase a life insurance policy that was indexed to the stock market and that he made certain representations about the expected return on investment, which never came to fruition.

Successful defense of legal malpractice claim in Delaware.

We successfully defended a legal malpractice claim where the plaintiffs alleged their former attorneys caused them to sustain more than $1.3 million in damages. ​The plaintiffs, a collection of property developers, were named as defendants in a series of debt collection actions brought by their lender. Our attorney client represented them in those matters and sought to renegotiate the debt; however, they were unsuccessful, and the lender prevailed.