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Defense award in FINRA arbitration where claimant sought $22 Million.

The claimant was seeking $22 million in damages in a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration hearing. The week-long arbitration proceeding was conducted via Zoom. The three-member arbitration panel deliberated for three weeks before unanimously dismissing the claimant’s claims in their entirety. The primary issue was an alleged Ponzi scheme involving an investment in a coal mining operation.

Dismissal of legal malpractice action obtained.

The plaintiff brought a professional negligence claim against our client arising from the firm’s representation of the plaintiff in a lease agreement dispute. After the deadlines passed for the completion of discovery and the production of the plaintiff’s expert report, the trial court granted summary judgment in favor of our client on the basis that the plaintiff’s claim for professional negligence failed as a matter of law because the plaintiff failed to produce an expert report to support its allegations of professional negligence.

Expungement Award Obtained in FINRA Arbitration

A FINRA arbitration panel recommended the expungement of a customer complaint from a financial advisor’s public record.  The complaint involved an allegedly unsuitable sale of an equity indexed annuity with a nine-year surrender period.  

Defense prevails in high-exposure workers’ comp case.

We prevailed on a lengthy case on behalf of a trash collection company. The case involved testimony from seven employer witnesses, in addition to medical expert testimony. We successfully defended all petitions pertaining to the claim, including review and penalty petitions. This high-exposure case—the claimant had an average weekly wage of $2,846 with a maximum compensation rate—was the result of the claimant being terminated for failure to timely report a work-related injury as per company policy.

Defense verdict for PA Borough and Police Chief following a six-day jury trial.

The plaintiff, a part-time police officer, alleged that she told her Police Chief that she believed the hiring/promotions of three male police officers to full-time positions were illegal. After that meeting, the plaintiff claimed she was not assigned to higher-paying assignments like the male police officers in the department. She sued the borough and the police chief for First Amendment retaliation under Section 1983, and gender-based discrimination and retaliation pursuant to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.

Defense prevails in case involving a high-speed police pursuit.

During early morning hours, a vehicle was observed by police officers driving straight through a turning lane. The officers attempted a traffic stop, but the driver took off and led police onto an interstate highway. A high-speed pursuit ensued, reaching speeds in excess of 115 mph. The plaintiff was a passenger in the vehicle. Due to the high speed and an upcoming construction zone, officers broke off the chase. The driver attempted to exit the interstate via an off ramp, but turned too fast and crashed.

Summary judgment in a municipal liability case involving a trip and fall on a sidewalk.

The plaintiff fell while walking and sued the owners of the property and York City, alleging the City was negligent in failing to maintain the sidewalk and in failing to inspect, correct or repair it. The defense argued that the plaintiff did not establish that York had any actual or constructive notice of the alleged defect, and that the plaintiff failed to meet her burden under the sidewalks exception to the Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act, 42 Pa. C.S. § 8541, et seq.

Dismissal of lawsuit against insurance agent.

We successfully argued for the dismissal of an action in Wyoming County on a matter involving the sale by an agent of a number of mutual funds (with IRA retirement funds). In this case, the plaintiff contended the mutual funds were excessive and unsuitable. We convinced the trial court judge that plaintiff’s counsel’s lack of activity for several years on the case, and his failure to respond to long-outstanding discovery, warranted dismissal of the lawsuit.

Defense shuts down investigation of life insurance agent.

We effectively shut down a Maryland Insurance Department investigation of a life insurance agent who was the subject of a customer complaint. The complaint alleged the agent oversold life insurance to a couple who contended the amount of insurance was excessive, unsuitable and unnecessary.