Our Real Estate E&O Liability Practice Group provides competent and knowledgeable litigation defense services to real estate professionals. In each of our offices, we have attorneys experienced in handling such claims who possess intimate knowledge of the relevant statutes, regulations and case law.  They represent real estate agents, real estate brokers, title agents, home inspectors, appraisers and mortgage brokers, and we aggressively defend their cases from the commencement of litigation, without a "ramp up" period.
    Our attorneys have handled hundreds of real estate liability cases. They have successfully defended real estate licensees, in state and federal courts, involving allegations that sellers and licensees have failed to disclose known material defects with respect to real property and/or have made affirmative misrepresentations regarding conditions of real property. In such cases, our attorneys possess a competitive advantage because they are familiar with the licensing statutes and accompanying regulations, as well as the various states' seller's disclosure laws.
    Attorneys in this practice group also have extensive experience defending title agents in claims for indemnity made by title insurance underwriters and by third parties/insureds for problems that allegedly arise from the handling of real estate closings. Once again, our attorneys possess a working knowledge of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and the policies and contractual relationships governing the interrelationship between parties in these cases.
    Additionally, our attorneys have represented real estate licensees and appraisers before state licensing boards and commissions. We are intimately familiar with the real world problems faced by real estate professionals, and we anticipate and identify developments and trends in the industry before they become apparent to the legal and insurance communities at large.
    Although we are committed to litigating such matters through trial if necessary, we are often able to obtain favorable early settlements, which satisfy our clients' goals of cost-effective and efficient litigation defense. Our trial attorneys are adept at identifying the core issues in these cases and working closely with our clients to ascertain whether a non-litigation remedy exists and whether alternative dispute resolution is more appropriate.
    The Real Estate E&O Liability Practice Group  serves clients in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale and communities throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Ohio, Florida and New York.
    Consistent with our firm's proactive approach and philosophy, we welcome the opportunity to present educational seminars and workshops as a mutually beneficial introduction to one another. 

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