The Premises and Retail Liability Practice Group is experienced in the handling of all aspects of retail liability claims, including but not limited to:

    • Premises liability and its various subtypes (sidewalk defects, ice/snow, spilled substances, employee negligence, etc.)
    • Professional liability within the retail industry and specific to individual retailers. Examples include pharmaceutical malpractice, automobile mechanical malpractice, service station malpractice and sales misrepresentations
    • Retail theft and compliance with the Retail Theft Acts under various States
    • Product liability and vendors endorsements
    • Risk Transfer issues for landlords and tenants
    • Fraudulent claims, which are handled in conjunction with our firm's Special Investigations Unit

    Our attorneys also provide clients with liability prevention techniques and specialized seminars that can be conducted at the client's business location. 
    Members of the group share information on applicable defenses, changes in law, trial tactics and strategies, and research on issues of the law. Each office has access through our state-of-the-art computer system to a bank of briefs and other materials for the expedient and efficient handling of retail claims from inception to conclusion.
    All cases entrusted to us are handled in the most efficient and cost-effective manner in conjunction with the goals of the client. At each of our offices, there is at least one partner and one associate who are members of this practice area. Each case referral is either assigned directly to a partner or, in lower-exposure matters, an associate whose work would be overseen by a partner in the group.

    We are associated and active with retail and hospitality committees within organizations such as CLM as well as a founding member of the National Retail & Restaurant Defense Association. Our attorneys are also actively involved in the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business & Industry and the Pennsylvania Retailers Association.

    Walter J. Klekotka, Co-chair