We successfully defended a Northeastern Pennsylvania manufacturing and supply company in an appeal involving high medical and indemnity exposure. ​The claimant suffered a shoulder strain while lifting at work. She returned to the job only to allege a recurrence of her shoulder disability shortly thereafter. She filed a reinstatement petition that was denied when the Workers’ Compensation Judge accepted our argument that the recurrence was due to a non-work-related motor vehicle accident. Thereafter, the claimant traveled to Florida and underwent cervical disc surgery. Nearly a year after the surgery, she filed a petition, alleging that the cervical disc herniation was caused by the original work injury and the neck surgery and resultant disability were work related. The judge found the cervical disc herniation was not caused, aggravated, accelerated or worsened by the work injury and the surgery was not payable. The claimant then filed an appeal to the Workers' Compensation Appeal Board, arguing that the judge disregarded substantial evidence of causation. The Board heard oral argument and ruled that the judge's ruling is free of error.