We successfully defended a nationally renowned canning and food corporation headquartered in Pennsylvania. The claimant alleged that she sustained an injury to her upper extremities due to repetitive motion at work. She described her duties to include placing slices of cheese on sandwiches and hand-making pizza in an assembly line, which she alleged led to her injuries. The claimant’s medical expert testified that he was told the job duties involved working with jars of mushrooms, repetitively causing the claimant’s injuries. On cross examination, this expert was pinned down as to the mechanics of the claimant’s job duties. The defense then presented fact witness testimony confirming that the claimant did not use her upper extremities at all in performing job duties—contradicting the claimant’s testimony and the expert’s testimony. The Workers’ Compensation Judge concluded that the claimant did not use her upper extremities repetitively at work and dismissed the claim.