Social Services and Human Services organizations are faced with many challenges as they minister and provide support to some of the most vulnerable segments of our society. Their obligations in responding to community needs can create unique risks leaving them susceptible to liabilities. Understanding the needs of our social services and human services-based clients requires a strong legal team experienced in handling the complex legal issues facing such organizations and devoted to protecting and furthering each organization's mission.   

    Marshall Dennehey's Social Services and Human Services Liability Practice Group members have defended numerous mental health institutions and other social and human services organizations in hundreds of matters. Our attorneys routinely handle claims ranging from alleged abuse and neglect of special needs children, to complex, high-exposure wrongful death litigation.

    Among our many clients, we represent special needs and learning disabled schools, summer camps, mental health institutions, adult day care centers, group homes, community social services agencies, shelters, non-profit organizations, and youth clubs. We count among these clients Elwyn, one of the nation's largest human services organizations serving disabled and disadvantaged individuals. 

    This hybrid area of law incorporates multiple liability exposures including General Liability, Amusement Sports & Recreation, School Leaders, Professional Liability and Liquor Liability. Our attorneys have decades of experience handling matters involving:

    • Pennsylvania Youth Services Act
    • Elopement and Wandering Services
    • New York Mental Hygiene Law
    • Mental Health Retardation Act
    • Social Services Protocols and State Ratios
    • Child Abuse/Emotional Abuse
    • Sexual Abuse
    • Child Molestation
    • Sepsis
    • Mental Health Procedures Act
    • Rape Cases
    • Foster Programs
    • In Loco Parentis

    We welcome the opportunity to work with you in defending your Social Services and Human Services litigation. Consistent with our firm's proactive approach and philosophy, we also welcome the opportunity to present educational seminars and workshops as a mutually beneficial introduction to one another.

    The Social Services and Human Services Litigation Practice Group serves clients in communities throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio, Florida and New York.