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Commonwealth Court holds that claimant who was sole proprietor is required to provide notice of work-related injury to workers’ compensation insurance carrier within 120 days of occurrence of the injury.

In this case, the claimant was the owner of the employer and the sole employee. He sustained work injuries on September 28, 2015, while coming off a ladder, when he tripped over a shovel, fell backwards and landed on his head. What’s Hot in Workers’ Comp, Vol. 28, No.

Superior Court affirms IAB decision enforcing workers’ compensation settlement agreement and rejected claimant’s attorney’s argument of entitlement to common law “attorney’s charging lien” that was not a term of the settlement.

Mr. Webb workers’ compensation claim was denied, and he filed a petition with the Industrial Accident Board that sought acknowledgment of the accident, medical expense benefits and temporary total disability (TTD) benefits. Mr. What’s Hot in Workers’ Comp, Vol. 28, No.