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When a claimant prevails in a termination petition, her litigation costs are reimbursable, even where the the testimony of her medical expert is found to be not credible by the court.

The claimant sustained a work injury on October 4, 2018, in the nature of a left hand strain. She returned to work and began receiving partial disability benefits pursuant to a Notice of Suspension or Modification. What’s Hot in Workers’ Comp, Vol. 26, No.

Although he signed an independent contractor agreement, claimant was an employee at the time of the work injury, primarily due to significant control exercised by the employer through its ownership of the truck and payments made by the mile.

The claimant, a truck driver, filed a claim petition for a work-related left wrist injury. He later filed a petition against the Uninsured Employer’s Guaranty Fund (UEGF).  What’s Hot in Workers’ Comp, Vol. 26, No.