The attorneys in our Accountants’ Professional Liability Practice Group focus on the defense of accounting firms, persons, or practices in both the federal and state courts. In addition to defending civil matters, our attorneys represent accountants in disciplinary matters and provide counseling and risk management advice to individual CPAs, accountants, bookkeepers and their related firms.

    With a CPA on our legal team, members of our group are intimately familiar with the nuances of accounting practices. From an attest engagement to a provision of bookkeeping services, our attorneys are well-versed in the various types of claims and litigation an accounting professional may face.

    In all cases, our attorneys seek to present creative solutions to traditional legal issues. Whenever possible, we look for “business solutions” and often structure the resolution of cases by resurrecting the underlying transaction giving rise to the malpractice claim. Our attorneys have been successful in obviating claims and litigation by appearing in Tax Court to assist an insured’s client in successfully reversing an audit finding or assessment by the IRS.

    Because many liability claims are resolved outside of the courtroom, we are accustomed to and skilled in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings. We often assess which cases belong in ADR versus traditional litigation, with the goal of directing matters to the appropriate forum for the most expedient, cost-efficient resolution.

    Partnering with several national carriers, we are proud to provide an Accountants’ Professional Liability Hotline. This hotline offers preclaim assistance to accountant insureds on a 24/7 basis. Jonathan Kanov and Howard Mankoff, shareholders at Marshall Dennehey, oversee this hotline program.