A defense verdict was obtained after a five-day automobile liability trial on behalf of our client, a nationwide marketer and distributor of energy-related products, and its employee. The plaintiff alleged that, while sitting at a red light, he was rear-ended by the employee, who was driving a company work truck.  The employee claimed the light was green and that the plaintiff suddenly stopped. The plaintiff claimed that he suffered injuries to his neck, back, shoulders, knees and jaw as a result of this low speed collision. He treated under letters of protection with local medical providers known for cooperating with the plaintiff's bar and underwent surgery to his right shoulder, jaw and right knee.

The plaintiff's medical bills were in excess of $250,000.  On three occasions his attorney elicited testimony regarding our client's insurance from his witnesses; however, our client decided not to move for a mistrial.  Rather, the defense was able to establish multiple inconsistencies regarding the plaintiff's claim. On the last day of trial, the defendants changed strategies and admitted to negligence and only argued the issue of causation to the jury.  After three hours, the jury returned a verdict that the plaintiff's injuries were not caused by the accident.