Secured a discontinuance for a multi-national auto financing company in a Chancery Division action in New Jersey arising out of claims by a potential franchisee against a dealership, the vehicle manufacturer, the financing company and a potential third-party buyer. The plaintiff's claims sought over $30 million in damages stemming from alleged violations of the New Jersey Franchise Act, breach of contract claims, tortuous interference allegations and a companion declaratory judgment action. The case involved the exchange of over half a million documents and extensive ESI discovery concerning sensitive consumer credit evaluations, personal net worth summaries, proprietary franchise statements, environmental impact studies, internal board meeting minutes, cell phone records, emails and due diligence materials, all subject to an order of confidentiality.

The discontinuance was instrumental in clearing the path for the client to secure a key financing agreement with a new franchisor in a multi-million dollar dealer purchase. The settlement with the potential franchisee did not involve any contribution by the client.