We obtained a defense verdict following a 10-day jury trial on behalf of a national home improvement company and garden center, where the plaintiff’s demand was over seven figures. The plaintiff, a 79-year-old female, was using a rollator (walker) to assist her walking when she fell at a garden center. Plaintiff claimed that the front wheel of her rollator struck and got caught on the raised baseplate bolts of a column, causing her to fall.  The plaintiff was taken out on a stretcher with a fractured leg that required ORIF surgery and a recommendation for future hip replacement.  
The defense established—via an in-store surveillance video, forensic engineering expert and cross-examination—that it was very unlikely that the plaintiff's rollator ever came into contact with the baseplate.  Furthermore, even if  the plaintiff did contact the baseplate, it was due to her being inattentive and not as a result of any alleged negligence by the garden center. The jury returned a defense verdict after only 35 minutes of deliberation.