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Industrial Accident Board determines that a general contractor on a construction site is responsible for claimant’s workers’ compensation benefits as both his employer and by operation of Section 2311.

The claimant alleged he was injured while doing demolition work on January 7, 2022. He initially filed a petition against Alliance Environmental Systems (Alliance), but Alliance denied that it was Mr. What’s Hot in Workers’ Comp, Vol. 27, No.

District court finds that the “specialty” for the one time change of physician must be one that furthers the employer’s duty to deliver a continuum of care, facilitating the employee’s return to gainful employment.

The injured worker sustained a serious injury to her finger. She came under the care of Dr. Cortez, a board-certified general and plastic surgeon with an added certificate for hand surgery via the emergency room. What’s Hot in Workers’ Comp, Vol. 27, No.

An insurer’s denial of payment for a medical bill on the basis that the treatment at issue is not related to the work injury does not require the dismissal of a Fee Review application as premature.

The claimant sustained various work-related injuries in 2004. The employer and its carrier (SWIF) accepted the injuries by issuing a Notice of Compensation Payable and, subsequently, an amended Notice of Compensation Payable in 2007.  What’s Hot in Workers’ Comp, Vol. 27, No.