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Superior Court affirms IAB decision enforcing workers’ compensation settlement agreement and rejected claimant’s attorney’s argument of entitlement to common law “attorney’s charging lien” that was not a term of the settlement.

Mr. Webb workers’ compensation claim was denied, and he filed a petition with the Industrial Accident Board that sought acknowledgment of the accident, medical expense benefits and temporary total disability (TTD) benefits. Mr. What’s Hot in Workers’ Comp, Vol. 28, No.

Pharmacy staffed by pharmacist provided by an employee leasing agency is a provider as defined by Section 109 of the Act. When a physician has ownership interest in said pharmacy, a referral to the pharmacy violates the Act’s self-referral prohibition.

In this case, 700 Pharmacy filed five Fee Review Applications for prescriptions for the claimant. The Hearing Officer dismissed all of the applications on the grounds of an illegal self-referral. What’s Hot in Workers’ Comp, Vol. 28, No.