The Intellectual Property, Technology and Media Practice Group is committed to providing a controlled, economical and creative defense. Many attorneys have technical or scientific backgrounds and are able to understand our clients' technologies. We help clients with risk management issues, pre-claim resolution strategy, and litigation of claims through trial.  Our attorneys have experience dealing with electronic discovery, preservation of electronic evidence, electronic evidence spoliation and computer imaging.

    Intellectual Property
    We provide defense representation in intellectual property claims involving copyrights, trademark, Lanham Act and patent violations. The practice group is actively involved in litigating cases in state and federal courts in matters involving alleged copyright infringement, trademark infringement, trade dress infringement and unfair competition claims. We have also been involved in successfully obtaining orders restraining parties from infringement in counterfeit products.

    With respect to patent infringement claims, we draw from the engineering experience and education of our attorneys to assist in evaluating these claims.  Our attorneys understand the science in patent claims and specifications, which helps us provide an understandable presentation at trials and Markman hearings.
    Much of our work in copyright, trademark and trade dress stems from referrals from clients we have represented in products liability or general liability claims.  Our jury trial experience is of considerable value in presenting copyright, trademark, trade dress and patent issues in an understandable and persuasive manner to lay juries. Our experience sharply distinguishes us from firms that have intellectual property experience, but little or no jury trial record.

    Marshall Dennehey has represented a variety of parties faced with technology-related issues, including vendors, independent contractors and users of technology. We have experience in litigating and resolving technology disputes, including:

    • Copyright, trademark and patent infringement
    • Trade dress misappropriations 
    • Misappropriations of trade secrets and other confidential information 
    • Computer hardware and software applications and related services
    • Obligations under licensing agreements
    • Compliance with software development agreements
    • Open source code
    • Restrictive covenant obligations
    • Non-disclosure agreement obligations

    We have experience in all phases of technology litigation, including investigations, injunctions, protective orders, discovery, motions practice, trials and appeals.
    The attorneys in this practice group are experienced in litigating First Amendment rights and media litigation issues, including defamation, libel, rights of privacy and publicity, injunctions, gag orders and prior restraints. Clients benefit from practical litigation strategies and techniques relevant to their issues.

    We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective representation coupled with strong advocacy. We strive to provide clients with effective and innovative solutions, and we are receptive to discussing alternative pricing strategies.
    The Intellectual Property, Technology and Media Practice Group serves clients in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale and communities throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Ohio, Florida, New York and throughout the country.