Obtained dismissal of our clients for lack of personal jurisdiction in Philadelphia County. The plaintiff alleged that he sustained major lacerations and nerve damage to his right hand while using a table saw in the course and scope of his employment. The plaintiff brought suit against our client, a multinational manufacturer of the table saw, as well as several United States distributors. Brad and Kaitlin filed preliminary objections on the jurisdictional issue seeking dismissal of our clients. They argued that: (1) the court lacked general jurisdiction because our client was not “at home” in Pennsylvania and did not have sufficient minimum contacts in the Commonwealth to be considered as being “at home” in this jurisdiction; and (2) the court lacked specific jurisdiction because our client only sold one of this model table saw into the United States (to a California distributor in 2000). Following jurisdictional discovery, which required our attorneys to travel to Holland and Belgium, and oral argument, the court sustained the preliminary objections and dismissed our clients from the case.