Attorney obtained a unanimous defense verdict in favor of an OBGYN and nurse midwife in a catastrophic brain damaged baby case. The jury returned a verdict against the hospital. The patient, who was pregnant with twins, came to the hospital for a cervical ripening. Plaintiff criticized the nurses for failing to adequately maintain fetal heart tracings for both twins throughout the day, for not informing the obstetrician of a rapid progression of dilatation and the presence of variable decelerations; all of which would have prompted earlier intervention. Plaintiff's attorney criticized the nurse midwife for failing to perform a sonogram before placing the cervidil and by not periodically checking on her throughout the day. The obstetrician was criticized for failing to transfer the patient to the operating room for the delivery of her twins and for waiting too long to perform a Cesarean section after he was notified of the change in dilatation. The child is suffering from profound neurologic and physical limitations which require a permanent feeding tube, a permanent tracheotomy and requires 24 hour skilled nursing care.