Marshall Dennehey Listed Among BTI Associate Satisfaction A-Listers

Marshall Dennehey is gratified to have earned a coveted spot in the BTI Associate Satisfaction A-Listers 2022: BTI Survey of Law Firms Where Associates are Happiest. This first-of-its-kind report, based on a large-scale independent survey with more than 4,000 responses, pinpoints and interprets what associates want and value.

Among the report’s findings, a large number of women associates named Marshall Dennehey distinguished in activities associates value most in deriving high levels of job satisfaction at law firms.

“We recruit with diversity in mind and hire every associate with the hope and expectation they will ascend to shareholder and finish their careers at Marshall Dennehey. To increase those odds, we invest heavily in their professional development providing education, training, hands on experience and direct access to clients. To have our female associates distinguish us in this survey is very fulfilling. We are listening and trying hard through such things as women’s affinity dinners, maternity leave ramp-up policies, hybrid working schedules and incentivized bonuses to address the things that are important to them. All while preparing these women for positions of leadership and responsibility within our firm,” said Marshall Dennehey’s President and CEO, G. Mark Thompson.

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