Dennis Lopez v. Broward County Permitting, Licensing & Consumer Protection and Broward County Board of County Commissioners; OJCC# 18-027455; Aug. 30, 2019

There is no entitlement to allow claimant’s attorney and a court reporter or videographer to attend examination with an authorized treating provider.

This case involves a compensable low back injury. The claimant requested a one-time change of physician, which the carrier authorized. However, the claimant refused to treat with the selected doctor because the doctor would not allow the claimant to have a videographer, court reporter and/or claimant’s counsel present for his examination. The judge of compensation claims held that case law instructs us that it is an established principle of Florida law that a person who is required to submit to a compulsory physical or mental examination in an adversarial proceeding or setting is entitled to have the examination attended by her attorney and a court reporter or videographer, subject to the tribunal’s authority to limit attendance for good cause. In this case, however, the judge said that there is no corresponding entitlement in a non-adversarial proceeding and to allow same would lead to “doctor-shopping.” The judge pointed out that one of the goals of the 1993 statutory reforms was to limit perceived doctor-shopping. The judge also said that allowing the claimant to doctor-shop would defeat the underlying purpose of the workers’ compensation system to allow for the prompt delivery of benefits to injured employees.


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