Message From the Executive Committee

The term "Value Added Services" is often used by clients who are asking what we are willing to do for them aside from defending them in a specific litigation. Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin has been providing "Value Added Services" for its clients since its inception. Over the last ten years, the frequency with which Marshall Dennehey provides "Value Added Services" and the scope of the services it provides to clients has increased significantly.

Most often, these "Value Added Services" take the shape of specific seminars on changing or emerging areas of the law. Attorneys for Marshall Dennehey may conduct specific seminars at a client's location or locations. Attorneys from Marshall Dennehey may speak to specific trade associations and industry organizations.

In 2009, attorneys at Marshall Dennehey conducted over 100 seminars for specific clients on topics of interest to them. In addition, attorneys at Marshall Dennehey spoke before numerous industry-wide groups including the Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS), the Healthcare Financial Management Association, the American Society for Healthcare, Risk and Management (ASHRAM), Crittenden Publishing, the International Association of Defense Counsel, the National Judicial College, the Pennsylvania Defense Institute, the National Business Institute, the Pennsylvania Association of Township Supervisors, the National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators, the Philadelphia Insurance Society, the National Retail and Restaurant Defense Association, the World Water Park Association, the Bar Association, and others.

Marshall Dennehey also conducts seminars on specific topics for all of its clients. The healthcare lawyers at Marshall Dennehey sponsored a seminar for firm clients on November 5, 2009. On June 3, 2010, lawyers at Marshall Dennehey will be sponsoring a seminar for firm clients with a specific interest in fraud investigations. Generally, lawyers from Marshall Dennehey as well as outside presenters will speak.

In general, the seminars sponsored by Marshall Dennehey are open to all clients and are distinguished from presentations made at a client's specific place of business on topics of interest to that specific client. In conducting seminars, whether they are targeted to a specific client or open to all firm clients, Marshall Dennehey often arranges for that client's staff to receive continuing education credits.

In addition to these seminars, Marshall Dennehey sends "law alerts" to its clients when there are significant changes that have taken place in the law. Marshall Dennehey also generates an electronic workers' compensation newsletter which is sent out on a monthly basis to clients. Marshall Dennehey also publishes a newsletter, both electronically and in hard copy, entitled Defense Digest, which addresses a variety of topics in different states and which is sent to all firm clients.

Attorneys at Marshall Dennehey are very happy to provide these value added services. These value added services provide the attorneys at Marshall Dennehey with an opportunity to express their appreciation for the legal matters that are entrusted to them by our clients. Providing these value added services also gives Marshall Dennehey attorneys an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise. Finally, providing these value added services brings attorneys from Marshall Dennehey together with the professional staff of various clients, which helps to strengthen the relationship between Marshall Dennehey and those clients.

If you would like to have an attorney from Marshall Dennehey speak to your employees about any topic within Marshall Dennehey's expertise, please feel free to contact me. As we have grown, we find ourselves with greater frequency providing recommendations to clients about the expertise of attorneys in various locations. This is true whether the inquiry is about a particular case or about a particular educational opportunity for a client. I can be reached at 215-575-2748;