Florida Approves 8.4% Rate Decrease

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation approved the National Council on Compensation Insurance’s (NCCI) proposed rate decrease of 8.4%. This is the seventh consecutive year of decreases and is due to favorable claims experiences, declining frequency and consistent average claims costs. They warned that ongoing inflation could have a negative impact on rates in the future, however, NCCI notes that the rate reduction was not influenced by the pandemic as its analysis did not include COVID-19 claims data. Nevertheless, NCCI’s assessment of possible pandemic-related impacts revealed that:

•    most COVID-19 claims are medical-only or indemnity-only and continue to be small (less than $1,500);
•    large claims (over $100,000) account for fewer than 2% of all COVID-19 claims, but more than 60% of total COVID-19 losses;
•    most claimants were employed in the health care industry;
•    the average age of workers with large claims is 55, which is 8-10 years older than those with non-COVID claims; and
•    COVID-19 claims decreased significantly in 2021.

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