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Successful defense of environmental subrogation case.

We successfully obtained a prejudgment writ of execution in an environmental subrogation case. This case involved a claim for contribution towards investigation and remediation expenses incurred by our client at the home of its insureds. Forensic age-dating revealed that the contamination predated the insureds’ purchase of the property. We sued the prior owner who had developed the property and had taken steps to conceal the contamination.

Dismissal of ethics grievance filed against education law attorney.

We obtained a dismissal of an ethics grievance filed against our client, a school law attorney who represented a school board and a school district. The grievance included allegations of ex parte communications with the administrative law judge, undue influence over the court, and conflict of interest based on a mediator’s spouse being retained by this attorney’s firm.

Dismissal of class action against a retailer.

Our retail client faced a class action suit alleging claims it charged Pennsylvania state tax on face masks/coverings during the COVID-19 pandemic (when they were not subject to sales tax). The plaintiff on his own behalf and on behalf of the putative class alleged claims for violations of the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices Consumer Protection Law and the Pennsylvania Fair Credit Extension Uniformity Act, as well as common law claims for unjust enrichment, fraud and misappropriation/conversion.

Appellate attorneys prevail in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The decision, which reversed the trial court and Superior Court, reinstated a jury verdict in favor of our clients. Following a defense verdict, the trial court awarded a new trial based on a question posed by defense counsel, who was not a Marshall Dennehey attorney. The Superior Court affirmed the award of a new trial, but the Supreme Court reversed and reinstated the defense verdict on the basis that defense counsel’s question was neither improper nor prejudicial.

Mattress retailer sleeps soundly after winning summary judgment.

Despite dueling expert affidavits, Marshall Dennehey attorneys won summary judgment in a premises matter in the Connecticut Superior Court Middlesex Judicial District. The plaintiff claimed negligence against our client, a mattress retailer, for a hazardous and defective condition in the store. The defect alleged was a tile-carpet transition claimed to be approximately one-half of an inch in differential, as well as a “slope” in the continuing carpet that created a friction co-efficient that caused the plaintiff to fall.

Defense obtains a minority view win in a personal injury/dram shop action in the Connecticut Superior Court.

After suffering severe brain damage in a motor vehicle accident, the plaintiff brought claims of negligence and recklessness against our restaurant client and other various defendants, including the owners and operator of the offending vehicle, who was charged with multiple criminal offenses (still pending) for operating under the influence. On behalf of our client, cross-claims were asserted for contribution and indemnification.

Court dismisses Labor Law claims against client.

We secured a dismissal of all claims against our client in a case involving personal injuries stemming from a slip and fall involving a ladder. We moved for summary judgment, seeking dismissal of the plaintiff’s Labor Law claims against our client. We convinced the court that the evidence to date did not establish a legal basis to apply Labor Law protections to this incident, and we established that the plaintiff was not a protected worker and was not engaged in a protected activity. Following oral argument, the court dismissed all Labor Law claims against our client.

Expungement Award Obtained in FINRA Arbitration

A FINRA arbitration panel recommended the expungement of two separate customer complaints from a financial advisor’s public record.  Both complaints involved allegedly unsuitable sales of alternative investments.

Successful Prosecution of a Termination Petition

We successfully prosecuted a termination petition on behalf of a Philadelphia-based ice cream shop. The claimant sustained a serious ankle fracture after a slip and fall in the shop’s freezer. We utilized the treating physician to certify the claimant’s full and complete recovery from the ankle fracture and established that there were no residual maladies or disability stemming from the incident.

FINRA Arbitration Panel Grants Motion to Dismiss

A FINRA arbitration panel granted a financial advisor and his supervisor’s motion to dismiss a FINRA arbitration on the basis that the Claimant previously brought multiple claims regarding the same securities related dispute against the broker-dealer, who was not a party to this arbitration.