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Summary judgment on behalf of a children and youth services group in a civil rights lawsuit.

The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The plaintiffs were the maternal grandparents of two children who were removed from the custody of their parents and placed in foster care. The plaintiffs alleged that the defendants violated their substantive and procedural due process rights protected by the 14th Amendment by failing to provide them with custody of the children and notice of court hearings.

Defense verdict for York City Police Officer in the first civil case tried in PA since the pandemic began.

This was the first civil case tried in a U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania since the court closures caused by COVID-19. The plaintiff alleged that the police officer used excessive force in arresting her outside of a bar in the City of York. She filed a Section 1983 civil rights lawsuit, alleging she sustained a traumatic brain injury after the officer threw her head against a brick wall, threw her to the ground and then repeatedly punched her in the face.

Accounting malpractice claim barred by the statute of Limitations.

We obtained dismissal of an accounting malpractice claim on preliminary objections in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. The plaintiffs alleged that their accountant improperly prepared their tax returns—as married filing jointly—and failed to claim business losses, that resulted in an unexpected tax liability being owed.

Successful defense of multi-million dollar legal malpractice action.

We obtained an award of summary judgment in defense of a multi-million dollar legal malpractice action. ​The plaintiff claimed that the strategy considerations and litigation decisions implemented by the defendant law firm resulted in an adverse verdict in the underlying matter which, in turn, resulted in the the plaintiff losing its ownership rights of a profitable commercial property and the imposition of sanctions against the plaintiff.

Summary judgment for insurer in complex coverage case.

We successfully persuaded the court to grant summary judgement on behalf of a major insurer on a complex coverage issue. This coverage case concerned two Virginia personal automobile policies in regard to an automobile accident in New Jersey. The son of a divorced couple sought coverage for an accident he was involved in on a major thoroughfare in New Jersey.

Defense prevails in commercial litigation case argued via Zoom.

We prevailed on a contentious motion to dismiss in the Delaware Chancery Court, via Zoom. ​We represented a property owners' association of a Lewes, Delaware mixed-use, commercial/residential community. The president of the property owners' association had made a proposal for increasing revenue, which the commercial owners considered a violation of the Declaration.

Summary judgment in Florida construction defect case.

​Our client was responsible for the design and construction of a 7,000-foot seawall on the lake of a large residential development. The seawall was constructed, and final payment was made on March 6, 2008. The developer then halted site work due to the economic downturn. It resumed work in 2014 and finalized the development of a large, single-family neighborhood in 2016.

Marshall Dennehey appellate attorneys reverse coverage decision in New Jersey.

We successfully persuaded the New Jersey Appellate Division to reverse a coverage determination. The original determination had found that the plaintiff was entitled to $500,000 in coverage under her then-boyfriend’s insurance policy, rather than being limited to the $100,000 in her own policy.

Successful appeal of negligent security action.

We obtained an affirmance by the First District Court of Appeal of a defense verdict in a negligent security action. A chef was taking garbage outside of a restaurant when he was shot and killed. The estate sued our client, the owner of the commercial building and parking lot, as well as the defendants involved in the development, design and maintenance of the retail center. The jury returned a defense verdict in favor of all defendants.

Plaintiff’s claims barred by statute of limitations and immunity provisions of the Pennsylvania Mental Health Procedures Act.

The defense prevailed on preliminary objections in Philadelphia County as the court found that the ​case involved a medical malpractice action involving the plaintiff’s allegations of an alleged assault by three patients while the plaintiff was a patient at a behavioral health hospital. In the complaint, the plaintiff pleaded ordinary negligence.