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Summary judgment in EPL case alleging violations of the NJLAD and the New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act.

The plaintiff, a senior corrections officer, alleged that our client, a Lieutenant, discriminated against African-American female trainees by subjecting them to additional physical exercise because their hair did not meet the Department of Corrections Training Academy’s grooming policy. The plaintiff alleged a continuing pattern of discriminatory, harassing and retaliatory conduct on the part of the Lieutenant, spanning 2014 through 2016, after which the plaintiff alleged she was retaliatorily charged with insubordination and later transferred from the training academy to a state prison.

Defense verdict for physician in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

The plaintiff alleged that a physician in the Lehigh County jail failed to properly treat his chronic back pain, and that the physician exhibited a deliberate indifference to his serious medical needs. Specifically, the plaintiff contended that he should have received a spinal cord stimulator during his incarceration. After two days of testimony, the jury returned a defense verdict, agreeing with the defense’s position that the physician did not exhibit a deliberate indifference to the plaintiff’s serious medical needs.

Ohio Court of Appeals affirms summary judgment for nail salon.

We successfully defended an appeal of a trial court grant of summary judgment in favor of a nail salon in a slip-and-fall case. The plaintiff alleged she fell in an untreated wet area inside the salon on a rainy day. However, the plaintiff failed to produce any evidence about the source of the “wet area,” or that the salon had actual or constructive knowledge of the wet area prior to the plaintiff’s fall. The trial court granted summary judgment in favor of the salon and the Ohio Court of Appeals affirmed that decision.

Summary judgment in wrongful death, negligent security case involving the shooting of a 16-year-old.

The plaintiff’s decedent was shot and killed while allegedly on his way home from school. We  were able to prove that the young man was a trespasser on the common area of the property where he was shot, even though his aunt was a tenant in the apartment complex. The decedent’s family claimed he was on his way to see her. Our investigation revealed that he was connected to local gangs and that, at the time of his shooting, he was wearing a ski mask (in Florida) and carrying a hand gun.

Dismissal of dual New York No-Fault/PIP arbitrations.

The applicant, a major medical provider, filed joint arbitration matters in the aggregate amount of $46,095.41, claiming our client owed it for the claimant’s unpaid medical bills. The claimant had been involved in a motor vehicle accident and sought payment for medical treatment. Counsel for the medical provider argued that the original denial basis was insufficient to deny the payment of the claims. However, after our successful argument at the arbitration hearing, our client’s policy of insurance was found to be completely and properly exhausted.

Injuries at mushroom facility found non-work related.

We successfully prosecuted a termination petition and at the same time defended a review petition on behalf of a Berks County mushroom facility in a falling object case. The claimant sustained a strain injury to his neck when he was struck by a stack of falling mushroom baskets at work. Although the baskets only grazed one side of his head and neck, the claimant alleged that his opposite shoulder was injured in the accident to the extent of a fully torn rotator cuff tendon.

Summary judgment for attorney defendants in legal malpractice matter involving contentious divorce.

We obtained summary judgment in a legal malpractice matter where the underlying case concerned a matrimonial representation in a highly contested divorce. In the underlying matter, our clients represented the wife in a contentious divorce from her attorney husband.  At all times, our clients advised the wife regarding litigation strategy and the disputes concerning discovery and failure to provide documents, which delayed the matrimonial case even further.

Directed verdict in Florida med-mal case.

We obtained a directed verdict in a medical malpractice case after successfully challenging the plaintiff’s nursing expert’s qualifications to render standard of care opinions against a certified emergency nurse. The plaintiff, a 61-year-old female with an undisclosed history of seizures, returned to the emergency department with complaints of nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. While she was being worked up, she got out of bed without calling for assistance, had a seizure and fell face forward. She sustained a subarachnoid hemorrhage and subdural hygromas.

Summary judgment in favor of vacation rental management company in a premises liability case.

The plaintiff testified that she tripped and fell while leaving the home as the sidewalk from the front door to the parking lot had three steps. She claimed that she could not see the step-down because it was dark. However, she ultimately admitted that she did not know where she was looking or whether she just forgot the step was there. The management contract for that home required specific maintenance and housekeeping services, but the property manager had no control over the exterior sidewalks, landscaping or lighting within the resort.

Airport fall not fault of terminal’s cleaning service.

We were successful in having a case dismissed on summary judgment in Brooklyn, New York. The plaintiff was a ticket agent for an international airline at LaGuardia airport. Our client was the cleaning service for the airport terminal. The plaintiff claimed she tripped and fell over a “worn/torn defective” floor mat behind the ticket counter. Depositions of the defendant indicated that they did not own, control, maintain or supervise the mats behind the airlines’ ticket counter. Summary judgment was filed in 2020.