We successfully handled a matter where the claimant had filed a claim petition alleging disabling injuries to her low back, mid back, upper back, buttocks, neck, and head as a result of a slip and fall in the employer’s restroom. The claimant reported the alleged event to the employer, who immediately advised that it would provide sedentary work to accommodate the claimant. The claimant refused, went out of work, and filed her petition. We presented testimony of two employer witnesses to establish that work was at all times available to the claimant. We also presented the testimony of the IME doctor, who found nothing wrong with the claimant. The workers’ compensation judge found the testimony of the employer’s witnesses to be credible. He also found our medical evidence to be credible, accepting our argument that the claimant’s medical evidence did not establish the required causal connection between the alleged disability and the work injury. The claim and penalty petitions were dismissed.