Attorney obtained dismissal of his client on 12(b)(6) Motion to Dismiss upon claims by her neighbor that an "illegal garage" constructed on her property impinged on Township set-back requirements, was constructed without the necessary permits and constituted a public nuisance. We contended that the "illegal garage" was actually a perfectly legal and permitted shed, that it was demonstrably within the set back requirements for such a structure (which are difference than the set back requirements for a garage), and that there is no private cause of action for public nuisance under state law (which the court would apply in the exercise of Pendant Jurisdiction over plaintiff's tort claims - the case was removed to Federal Court by the Township which was also named for failing to permit plaintiff to subdivide his property). Plaintiff failed to file a response, even after the court took specific notice that he had not responded and unilaterally granted his attorney additional time to do so. Ultimately, the plaintiff offered a voluntary dismissal of all claims which was accepted by the Court which issued the necessary Order.