On the Pulse….Profile of Our New York City Office

On July 1, 2014, Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin’s New York City office was significantly expanded and enhanced following our joinder with the firm of Jones Hirsch Connors & Bull, P.C. The joinder was a natural fit between two firms with similar practices and many mutual clients. The firms did not join forces simply for the sake of expansion but, rather, for the purpose of establishing a stronger presence in New York after careful consideration and discussion with our clients about their changing needs.

For decades, Jones Hirsh was an established firm in the New York defense bar with a wealth of legal talent and experience. Marshall Dennehey’s New York City office was a growing enterprise since its opening in April of 2008. With the addition of 15 attorneys who were formerly with Jones Hirsch, Marshall Dennehey’s New York City office has now expanded to a total of 30 lawyers. Along with many decades of trial experience in the New York courts, the former Jones Hirsch lawyers have brought with them a wide array of legal talent and knowledge that has transformed our New York City office into a far stronger and more versatile group of attorneys.

Just as importantly, the two groups have transitioned seamlessly and quickly into a collegial and formidable office that can fully serve the defense needs of its clients for many years to come. Marshall Dennehey’s culture is something that the firm’s management strives mightily to maintain throughout our 20 offices. Respect for others, teamwork and collegiality are basic tenets. One of the main reasons that our joinder with the Jones Hirsch firm has been so seamless is that we share similar cultures and attitudes in these areas. The New York City office is, more than anything else, a team of quality people, comprised of exceptional lawyers and support staff, who work together to serve our clients.

There is no shortage of defense firms in the New York City area, is a historically competitive market for legal services. Our New York City office is now at the forefront in that market. We can proudly say that we have the depth of legal talent and defense experience that our clients have come to know and expect from our other regional offices. We have the capability to handle a wide array of general liability and professional liability cases. For example, in the past two months, our attorneys have already obtained three defense verdicts in significant bodily injury jury trials. We have been entrusted by our clients with the defense of scores of high-exposure construction defect and New York Labor Law actions. We handle numerous complex coverage matters, including additional insured tenders, bad faith matters and first-party property claims. Our maritime group is regularly involved in various types of cargo defense, cargo subrogation, maritime-related personal injury litigation, including Jones Act and Long Shore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act cases, as well as collision, oil spill and charter party disputes. Our appellate attorneys have successfully handled numerous appeals in New York’s state and federal courts. Our team of casualty lawyers has handled hundreds of premises liability matters as well as numerous product liability cases. We also handle consumer financial services litigation, such as the defense of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act claims, in addition to architect and engineers, employment, discrimination and legal malpractice cases. Our lawyers not only know New York law, but also the courts, judges and opposing attorneys, stemming from years of interaction and experience in their practice areas.

Just as importantly, our New York attorneys, as well as those throughout our firm, are trained and well-versed in compliance with guidelines promulgated by our clients. They know that doing a good job on a case means more than just obtaining a favorable result. It also means communicating promptly with the client and providing reports, evaluations and budgets in the forms required by the client. It also means working hard to achieve the best result possible in the most cost-effective manner. Client satisfaction is always our primary goal.

Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin’s New York City office is located in Manhattan’s financial district. The office is in close proximity to the City’s supreme and civil courts. Its attorneys routinely cover the counties of New York, Kings, Queens, Bronx and Richmond, as well as the Federal District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. For more information about the office and its attorneys, please do not hesitate to contact Jeff Imeri, the managing attorney of the New York City office, at 212.376.6408 or jjimeri@mdwcg.com.

*Jeff, a shareholder and the managing attorney of our New York City office, can be reached at 212.376.6408 or jjimeri@mdwcg.com.

Defense Digest, Vol. 21, No. 1, March 2015

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