Oct 28,

Workers' Compensation Fraud Conference


Attorney Jeffrey Rapattoni will be speaking at the upcoming NICB Workers' Compensation Fraud Conference (Webinar) on "Telemedicine Driven Claims".

Telemedicine has exploded over recent years and, with it, so have fraudulent telemedicine driven claims.  Jeffrey describes this as “The Wild West”. He will provide insight into the regulation and history of these claims, as well as discuss ways in which insurers might be exploited and how to investigate these claims.

The Workers' Compensation Fraud Conference will focus on the myriad issues related to it. This conference will cover a range of topics of interest to fraud investigators at various stages in their careers. Session topics will include new insights on open-source intelligence, telemedicine driven claims, data analytics, premium fraud, workers' compensation motor vehicle accidents, collision data retrieval to support workers' compensation investigations, and more.

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