Apr 23,

Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Conference

Hershey Lodge & Convention Center

Anthony Natale and Ashley Talley are  presenting "The Interplay Between Traumatic Brain Injuries and Fraud in Workers' Compensation" at the upcoming Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Conference. In the workers' compensation field, one of the biggest red flags for fraud is the nature of injury, and, more recently, injuries involving concussion, post-concussion or similar traumatic head injuries. Attendees will gain insight into how to identify, manage and fight claims for traumatic head injuries that are diagnosed based upon subjective complaints alone.

James Cole and Jennie Philip, are also presenting "The Real Housewives of Fraud." The session will explore the lives of some "real" housewives who find themselves in precarious insurance situations. Through their stories, James and Jennie will address the effect a fraudulent insurance claim may have on an innocent co-insured; investigate luxury contents; and probe the legal issues concerning mysterious disappearance claims.

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