Feb 28,

Data Driven Major Case


The new normal is here. "Data Driven Major Case" is fast and effective and keeps a carrier ahead of the curve when it comes to fraud loss. This presentation will talk about the the integration of Data and Major Case and where and how the two intersect. We will discuss how the data is collected and how it can be accessed and used from investigation to pre-suit demand.

The International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU) is a non-profit organization that was initially founded in 1984 by insurance fraud investigators. The mission of the IASIU is to: 

  • Promote a coordinated effort within the industry to combat insurance fraud;
  • Provide education and training for insurance investigators;
  • Develop greater awareness of the insurance fraud problem;
  • Encourage high professional standards of conduct among insurance investigators;
  • and Support legislation that acts as a deterrent to the crime of insurance fraud.