Our firm has been defending claims involving medical malpractice, medical devices and pharmaceuticals for over 30 years. Some of our attorneys also have prior hands-on experience in critical care medicine, nursing and the pharmaceutical industry. This group of experienced defense litigators constitutes our firm's Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Liability Practice Group.

The practice group's contemporary focus is upon the expanding role of defense counsel in light of the increasing number of drugs and devices moving through the investigational and clinical trial stages and entering the marketplace in response to the heathcare challenges of this new millennium. As 78 million Baby Boomers advance steadily towards their senior years, drugs and devices to prevent and treat chronic illnesses are proliferating. Reproductive technology, gene therapy and enhanced longevity present both great promise, as well as new and complex legal and ethical issues. As all this technology flourishes to enhance the quality of life, the role of defense counsel in assisting and defending researchers, designers, manufacturers and vendors of drugs and medical devices will necessarily increase in order to permit these entities to continue to provide these cutting-edge products and services with a minimum of interference from unjustified litigation assaults.

The practice group is positioned to defend its drug and medical device clients by providing a significant blend of strong advocacy and cost containment. Our paramount goal is to provide the very best litigation results within the boundaries of economic reality. The practice group represents self-insured and insured manufacturers and sellers of prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, as well as medical device manufacturers and vendors, including such devices as implants, prostheses and hospital equipment from hospital beds to highly sophisticated diagnostic and critical care devices.

The members of this group have extensive experience in handling national MDL matters and have served as national and coordinating counsel in litigation involving such pharmaceuticals as DES and Fen-Phen, Rezulin, PPA and herbal ephedra dietary supplements, and medical devices such as pedicle screws, blood filters, cardiac stents, breast implants, radiation implant devices and latex gloves. Further, our firm is well staffed and technologically prepared to handle the litigation demands of mass torts and complex litigation.