Message From the Executive Committee

As I sit at my desk this first work day of a new decade, there truly is only one topic which comes to mind for this article: that is to thank the readers of this Digest, our loyal clients.

Undoubtedly, everyone is familiar with the difficult economic times we as a society have been experiencing. While the financial system and housing industries have been most discussed, it has been difficult times for law firms. One of the great legal institutions in Philadelphia literally went out of business. But for a limited few, most large law firms had significant layoffs, income freezes or reductions, and there was despair amongst most lawyers.

While Marshall, Dennehey was not exempt from the worldwide economic slow down, we have been blessed in that we did not have any layoffs. We implemented as many cost saving measures as possible, hopefully, without affecting the lawyering or servicing to our clients. To be sure, we continually counseled our lawyers to have their practices at their most efficient state of their careers. We believe we succeeded in our efforts to reduce expenses, remain efficient, and continue to service and perform at a high level. Because of these efficiencies and the dedication of our employees, I am pleased to advise that we were able to hire a new class of lawyers who joined the firm in or around September 2009. Specifically, these lawyers and their locations are as follows:


 David Blake, Esquire  Cherry Hill, New Jersey office
 Jennifer Branch, Esquire  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office
 Jaimee Burchard, Esquire  Tampa, Florida office
 Allison Domday, Esquire  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania office
 Sharon Duncan, Esquire  Orlando, Florida office
 Shamrock Kennedy, Esquire  King of Prussia, Pennsylvania office
 Matthew Loesberg, Esquire  New York, New York office
 Wendy Leavitt, Esquire  Fort Lauderdale, Florida office
 Geoffrey, Lutz, Esquire  Jacksonville, Florida office
 Joseph Mendelsohn, Esquire  Fort Lauderdale, Florida office
 Crystal Moroney, Esquire  New York, New York office
 Nicholas Bowers, Esquire  Cherry Hill, New Jersey office
 Angeline Panepresso, Esquire  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office
 Aaron Purser, Esquire  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office
 Jason Shrive, Esquire  Scranton, Pennsylvania office
 Robert Stanko, Esquire  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office
 Ashley Toth, Esquire  Cherry Hill, New Jersey office
 Pauline Tutelo, Esquire  Roseland, New Jersey office
 Timothy Welbeck, Esquire  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office



At the firm's annual shareholder meeting conducted in December 2009, I am pleased to advise that 15 associates were elected to shareholder status. These 15 individuals' elevation was motivated by, of course, their own hard work, but also because many of you commented on their lawyering skills and positive influences they had with your insureds or companies. Our new shareholders are as follows:


 Jason Banonis, Esquire  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania office
 Gregory Bartley, Esquire  Roseland, New Jersey office
 Eric Brown, Esquire  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office
 Laurianne Falcone, Esquire  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office
 Robert Fitzgerald, Esquire  Cherry Hill, New Jersey office
 Hillary Fraenkel, Esquire  Roseland, New Jersey office
 Timothy Hartigan, Esquire  King of Prussia, Pennsylvania office
 Howard Hopson, Esquire  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office
 Gregory Kelley, Esquire  King of Prussia, Pennsylvania office
 Matthew Keris, Esquire  Scranton, Pennsylvania office
 Christian Marquis, Esquire  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office
 Bruce Seidman, Esquire  Roseland, New Jersey office
 Joseph (Scott) Shannon, Esquire  Wilmington, Delaware office
 Martin Sitler, Esquire  Akron, Ohio office
 John Viggiani, Esquire  Jacksonville, Florida office


Finally, I am pleased to advise that on January 1, 2010, nine lawyers from the New York firm of McDermott and Radzik, including principals Dan McDermott and Ed Radzik, joined Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin. These lawyers concentrate their practice in maritime law, which is a constant with the firm's growth model of adding new practice groups within our litigation structure. The law firm of McDermott & Radzik transferred all of its pending matters to Marshall, Dennehey on January 1, 2010. We will now have two New York, New York, offices until these offices are merged.

At a time when many large law firms have struggled, the positive achievements of Marshall, Dennehey would not have been possible with the continued support of you, our loyal clients. So on behalf of everyone at our firm, thank you for your continued support and best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2010.

Defense Digest, Vol. 16, No. 1, March 2010