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Federal Employment Law January 1, 2011
The plaintiff argued that his employment was terminated in retaliation for filing a prior administrative complaint and federal lawsuit against his employer, which alleged age discrimination. Specifically, the plaintiff filed his charge of..., Case Law Alert - 1st Qtr 2011
New Jersey Insurance Coverage/Bad Faith Litigation January 1, 2011
An insurer asserted that the cooperation clause of the original policies of insurance bound the assignee and supported broad discovery demands against same. However, the assignment of rights of recovery under an insurance policy does not necessitate..., Case Law Alert - 1st Qtr 2011
Florida Product Liability January 1, 2011
Webb was brought by the daughter of deceased smoker James Kayce Horner. The decedent started smoking at age 17 in 1934 and smoked for more than 60 years until he died of lung cancer March 11, 1996, at age 78. The decedent smoked the Reynolds brands..., Case Law Alert - 1st Qtr 2011
Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation January 1, 2011
Section 306 (a.2) of the Act authorizes an automatic change of disability status from total to partial when an employer obtains an Impairment Rating Evaluation ("IRE") within 60 days after a claimant has received 104 weeks of total...
New Jersey Employment Law January 1, 2011
The plaintiff was a "Born Again" Christian and asserted that his religious beliefs precluded him from working on Sunday. He asserted that his employer failed to accommodate his sincerely held religious beliefs and wrongfully terminated him. The..., Case Law Alert - 1st Qtr 2011
Florida Product Liability January 1, 2011
During Phase 1 of the trial, plaintiff's attorney convinced the jury that an addiction to smoking was the legal cause of Mr. Rohr's lung cancer. During Phase 2, plaintiff's attorney convinced the jury that defective cigarettes were the legal cause..., Case Law Alert - 1st Qtr 2011
Pennsylvania Product Liability January 1, 2011
In a strict liability action under New Jersey law, the court erred by instructing the jury on principles of comparative and contributory negligence and assumption of risk and failing to limit consideration of the conduct of the plaintiff., Case Law Alert - 1st Qtr 2011
New Jersey Employment Law October 1, 2010
The plaintiff, who is hearing impaired, filed suit under the ADA and NJLAD alleging she was denied service at the defendant's restaurant due to the presence of her service dog. The plaintiff alleged that as a result of the discrimination, she "..., Case Law Alert - 4th Qtr 2010
Federal Employment Law October 1, 2010
The plaintiff alleged that her former employer unlawfully terminated her employment because of her pregnancy, in violation of Title VII and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act. Prior to filing her lawsuit in federal court, the plaintiff had filed a..., Case Law Alert - 4th Qtr 2010
Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation October 1, 2010
Following the claimant's work injury, a notice of compensation payable (NCP) was issued describing the injury. Five years after the NCP was issued, and four years after the claimant's benefits were suspended upon her return to work with no loss of...


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